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06/22/1973 15:00 - Adjust 3.00 - Julian day 2441856.00
07/20/2019 08:29 GMT - Julian day 2458684.85

SunConjunctionMercury1°21' 623
MercuryConjunctionMercury3°15' 432
MercuryTrineMars1°47' 109
VenusConjunctionVenus0°06' 554
MarsConjunctionMidheaven1°22' 240
NeptuneConjunctionMoon3°36' 282
NeptuneTrineVenus1°53' 69
2309 -584 1725
SunConjunctionMercury 1.21 623
MoonSquareNeptune 0.07-108
MercuryConjunctionMercury 3.15 432
MercuryTrineMars 1.47 109
VenusConjunctionVenus 0.06 554
MarsOppositionJupiter 0.22-211
MarsConjunctionMidheaven 1.22 240
JupiterSquareMoon 0.19-132
NeptuneConjunctionMoon 3.36 282
NeptuneTrineVenus 1.53 69
PlutoOppositionVenus 1.31-133
  2309 -584 1725

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The stars now

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