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06/22/1973 15:00 - Adjust 3.00 - Julian day 2441856.00
01/19/2020 04:31 GMT - Julian day 2458867.69

MoonTrineVenus0°43' 146
MarsSextileJupiter0°38' 192
NeptuneConjunctionMoon1°47' 361
699 -886 -187
SunOppositionMercury 2.31-259
MoonTrineVenus 0.43 146
MarsSextileJupiter 0.38 192
SaturnOppositionMercury 2.28-174
UranusOppositionAscendant 1.25-219
NeptuneConjunctionMoon 1.47 361
PlutoOppositionMercury 2.52-123
PlutoOppositionVenus 2.46-111
  699 -886 -187

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The stars now
The stars now
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