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In the new astrology, for which signs are based on the constellations along the meridien, there are 13 signs each having a duration different. Of course, notice that Ophiuchus is inserted between Scopio and Sagittarius. At present, they are:

Sign Start day End date Days
Aries April 18 May 13 25
Taurus May 13 June 21 39
Gemini June 21 July 20 29
Cancer July 20 August 10 21
Leo August 10 September 16 37
Virgo September 16 October 30 44
Libra October 30 November 23 24
Scorpio November 23 November 29 6
Ophiuchus November 29 December 17 18
Sagittarius December 17 January 20 34
Capricorn January 20 February 16 27
Aquarius February 16 March 11 24
Pisces March 11 April 18 38

In traditional astrology, the signs are labels for 12 even slices of the ecliptic, so each sign equals 30° and there is no strict correspondance between the signs and the actual positions of the constellation they are name after.
Western astrology fixes the beginning of Aries at the Spring equinox which was the case when the system was created 2000 years ago, but since then the equinox has progressed so that constellation of Aries is no longer at this position.
Eastern astrology still places Aries at its original position so that it is not at the Spring equinox.
Traditionally, signs are markers of time, both for the seasons with the sun sign, and for day time for the rising sign.

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